Department of Music Programs of Study

Elmhurst’s music programs lead to careers in every aspect of the industry, including teaching, performance, and the business side of music.



Certificate Programs

Requirements for All Music Majors

Each music major at Elmhurst has its own set of requirements, but they share some common ground.

  • Admission to any degree program in the Department of Music is dependent upon successful completion of an audition interview with members of department faculty. This audition interview also serves as a screening procedure for music scholarship awards.
  • All majors are required to take MUS 135, 136, 235, 236, 343, and 344 as a part of their graduation requirements. The exception is the Bachelor of Science in Music Business where only MUS 135, 136, and 344 are required.
  • All students are required to take MUS 100 Concert Attendance each term.
  • Complete at least six terms of applied music lessons taken on the college level in the field of their performance major.
  • Must attain and maintain membership in band, choir, or orchestra while a full-time music major at Elmhurst University. (Jazz band may count as one of these major performing ensembles after four terms of choir, concert band, or orchestra have been fulfilled.)
  • A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.5 overall and 2.5 in music to be advanced to the junior level in music. These levels must be maintained. Students who do not meet these standards may direct a request for a review of their status to the department chair.
  • Music majors must pass the Keyboard Musicianship Examination as described in the department handbook prior to graduation.
  • Full-time students must attend a minimum of eight on-campus performances each term.
  • Details of the programs, policies, and certificates for music majors are found in the Department of Music Handbook.

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