B.A. in Music Industry

This degree is designed to serve students who are interested in working in the music industry but may not be interested in being musicians.

Students who complete this program will explore the various aspects of the music industry and learn skills relative to marketing, live music promotion and management, record label sales and promotion, copyright considerations and the laws governing the music industry, music production, artist management and digital technology. In order to have a basic knowledge of music, the students will also take a small number of fundamental music courses.

Bachelor of Arts With a Major in Music Industry

Business Courses

  • BUS 230 Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 250 Management Theory and Practice
  • BUS 263 Accounting for Non-Business Majors
  • BUS 337 Social Media Strategy
  • BUS 338 Digital Inbound Marketing Strategy
  • BUS 352 Entrepreneurship
  • BUS 434 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Music Business Courses

  • MUS 140 Music Industry Survey
  • MUS 330 Principles and Procedures in Music Business
  • MUS 331 Advanced Studies in Music Business
  • MUS 332 Production of Sound Recordings
  • MUS 340 Music and Entertainment Law
  • MUS 341 Concert Promotion and Venue Management
  • MUS 468 Internship

Two Electives from the Following

  • COM 219 Introduction to Public Relations
  • DM 205 Digital Cinema
  • DM 399 Video Editing
  • MUS 333 Audio Engineering

Music Courses

  • MUS 221 Keyboard I
  • MUS 395 Music Fundamentals or MUS 135 Music Theory I
  • Two semesters of applied music lessons on voice or other instrument
  • Concert Attendance: MUS 100 each term, with or without credit
  • Music Ensemble or Practical Applications of Live Music Production, 4 semesters required

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