B.M. in Music Production

This degree focuses on the skills and knowledge necessary for a student to pursue a career in music production.

There are many skills a professional must possess to be successful in this field. This degree is designed to give students an understanding and mastery of the digital audio workstation, the ability to create and arrange music of different genres, the ability to comprehend and craft music in its various forms for multiple uses in audio production, video production, live performance, and commercial music production are all essential in this field. The courses in this degree address all these areas. Musicianship in the most current digital technology is studied and applied, along with a firm understanding of music theory, and musical expression in the more traditional aspects and instrumentation.

Bachelor of Music with a Major in Music Production

Music Courses

  • Concert Attendance: MUS 100 each term, with or without credit
  • Music Theory: MUS 135, 136, 235, 236
  • MUS 344 Music History II
  • Applied Music: Six terms for credit on major instrument or voice
  • MUS 221, 222 Keyboard I and II (or proficiency)
  • AMZ 202302: Two semesters of ensemble, collaboration and performance
  • AML, AMC Applied music lessons, 6 semesters in digital music, songwriting or film scoring
  • AMV: One semester voice lessons, plus one additional semester voice or other instrument

Music Production Courses

  • MUS 290 Digital Music I
  • MUS 291 Digital Music II
  • MUS 332 Production of Sound Recordings
  • MUS 333 Audio Engineering
  • MUS 335 Orchestration and Arranging
  • MUS 355 Film Scoring
  • MUS 397 Electronic Music and Sound Design

Digital Media and Music Industry Courses

  • DM 205 Digital Cinema
  • DM 399 Video Editing
  • MUS 330 Principles and Procedures of Music Business

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