Choral Ensembles

Auditions for each choral ensemble are held at the beginning of each term.

Concert Choir

The Choir is a well-known and active organization that performs a variety of choral literature. It takes an extended tour each spring. The ensemble also presents concerts and sings for worship services on campus and in the Chicago area.

Chamber Singers

The Chamber Singers is an ensemble that specializes in advanced choral literature from the Medieval through the Classical period with an emphasis on acapella singing. The group performs several times a year on and off campus, especially during the Christmas season.

Women’s Chorus

The Women’s Chorus performs choral literature from a variety of historical periods. Emphasis is placed on vocal technique for the female voice and vocal pedagogy. This group performs several times a year with the Concert Choir.

Elmhurst Choral Union

Elmhurst Choral Union is a community-based chorus performing choral masterworks of all eras with full professional orchestra and pro soloists.

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