B.M. in Jazz Studies

The bachelor of music in jazz studies degree offers a wealth of instructional resources, including coursework in improvisation, jazz history and theory; applied jazz lessons; and an abundance of performing experience, both in small combos and in large ensembles.

With an extensive roster of performer/teachers, a wealth of Chicago-area cultural opportunities, and a nationally recognized jazz band and Jazz Festival, we have an established reputation in America’s signature art form. Our degree program strives to prepare musicians for a variety of performance and composing careers in jazz and commercial music.

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Required Courses

Music Core Courses

  • Concert Attendance: MUS 100 each term, with or without credit
  • Music Theory and Musicianship: MUS 135, 136, 235, 236
  • Music History: MUS 343, 344
  • Music Business: MUS 330
  • Music Education: MUS 369

Jazz Studies Courses

  • MUS 120 Jazz Fundamentals I
  • MUS 121 Jazz Fundamentals II
  • MUS 223 Jazz Keyboard Fundamentals
  • MUS 290 Digital Music I
  • MUS 318 Jazz: A History and Analysis
  • MUS 325 Rhythm Section Fundamentals
  • MUS 350 Jazz Arranging I
  • MUS 430 Jazz Improvisation I
  • MUS 431 Jazz Improvisation II

Applied Music

  • Classical study for credit: two terms on major instrument or voice
  • Applied Jazz Study for credit: six terms on major instrument or voice
  • Band, Choir or Orchestra: four terms on major instrument or voice
  • Large Jazz Ensemble: each term enrolled, up to six (large ensemble defined as Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, Gretsch Guitar Ensemble with or without credit)
  • The music production minor is a sequence of courses
    designed to prepare students for employment in the area of music production in various capacities, including arranger, media composer, sound recordist and editor, contractor, publisher and producer. This minor serves as an additive utility for students pursuing a major program in music and as a program of study that is useful to students of other disciplines, such as computer science, media arts and more.
  • Senior Recital (Junior Recital optional)

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