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Secure Document Upload

To safeguard your information, please use the secure upload tool linked to on this page to submit documents and files to the Office of Student Financial Services. Helpful suggestions and instructions are below.

Before You Submit

Please review your submission(s) to ensure:

  • All documents are clear and legible.
  • Your documents include a student name and eNumber on each page
  • Documents have handwritten (“wet”) signatures where required. (Typed/electronic signatures will not be accepted.)
  • Any encryption or passwords on files are removed to ensure SFS has access.
  • Multiple documents are submitted separately.
  • The file type and size are acceptable.

Submitting Your Documents

Before submitting, you will be required to log in and provide authentication. Please follow the appropriate link below.

Note: If you experience an access-denied error after logging in, please refresh the page. If you are still experiencing this error after refreshing the page, contact the Service Desk for assistance.

If you are a current student or admitted applicant, please log in here to begin this process:

Log In

If you are not a student or admitted applicant, please log in here using your personal Gmail or Microsoft account to begin this process. You will need to provide the student’s information to submit:

Google Login  Microsoft Login

Other Ways to Submit Documents

Using the secure document upload tool is the quickest and most secure way to submit information to the Office of Student Financial Services. If you are unable to use this upload tool, you may submit paper versions of your documents by mail, fax or in person. Please contact Student Financial Services for more information about your options.

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