Meet Madiha Ahmed ’19

Campus Involvement at a High Level

Student government provides leadership experience

Madiha Ahmed ’19 wasted no time getting involved in campus life at Elmhurst College. During spring term of her first year on campus, she was elected to the board of the Student Government Association (SGA). That summer, she signed on as a Student Ambassador, giving tours to prospective students as a “Jaywalker.” As if that didn’t keep her busy enough, she’s also an executive board member of the Muslim Student Association.

A psychology and human resources management major from Oak Brook, Ahmed hopes to earn a master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology, work in counseling and pursue a career as an I/O psychologist.

I’d like to work with people to help them cultivate their best selves in their everyday life.

Madiha on her career goals

Ahmed already is getting experience as a leader in student organizations. As SGA executive vice president, she’s heading an initiative to create a lounge in the Frick Center for commuter students.

Madiha Ahmed’s found her “Jaywalker” job for the Office of Admission interesting.

Working as a tour guide for prospective students and their families provided another perspective.

“They ask questions like why I chose Elmhurst, what I’m involved in and what campus life is like,” she said. “It’s never boring.”

As a board member of the Muslim Student Association, she discussed fears stoked by President Trump and his drive to ban Muslims from certain countries from entering the United States.

“It’s not just a concern that Muslims live with—minority cultural, religious and ethnic groups feel targeted,” Ahmed said. “The great thing is that these groups are well connected, and reach out to each other, underscoring to Elmhurst’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

Ahmed also minors in Spanish, is in the Honors Program, and works as a peer adviser on campus.

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